Friday, May 27, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Smelly....when potty training goes awry

Before I became a parent, I was arrogant enough to think that every child could and -should- be potty trained by their second birthday.  Ugh! - I cringe just thinking about how presumptuous I was.  I assumed that parents of untrained 2 year olds were lazy and/or stubborn kids just needed the proper motivation.  Oh, how Miss Chatterbox has humbled all my pretentious beliefs about parenting!  Especially with regards to potty training.

We began this odyssey in the usual manner.  Around 21 months old, we introduced Miss Chatterbox to the potty with books, discussions, ah hem...demonstrations and copious amounts of praise.  It began well.  Miss Chatterbox seemed to understand and we even had early success!   (Cue horror music) Then disaster struck.  Because of certain life events, potty training had to be put on the back burner for three weeks.   When the events resolved as best they could, I attempted to resume potty training.   But alas, Miss Chatterbox put her foot down and flat out refused to have anything to do with the potty - period.  For the next 7 months, I was forced to acknowledge a painful lesson.  You can lead a kid to the potty - but you can't make 'em go!

Just recently, Miss Chatterbox has developed an Obsession (yes, with a capital O) for stickers.  So I thought, "Great!  New potty training operations commencing now!"  So I told Miss Chatterbox her new reward (bribe) for actually going on the potty was one sticker per business trip.  I COMPLETELY underestimated her sticker addiction.  It took exactly 1 business trip for her to figure out that if she just "dribbled",  she would be able to repeat her business trips frequently (as in 1 every 2 minutes) -thereby getting more stickers.

DOH!  Miss Chatterbox -1  Mommy - 0

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