Friday, May 27, 2011

How I Broke the News to The Firefighter....

 With Miss Chatterbox, The Firefighter was able to come along with me to the OB and revel in every tiny detail of "our" first pregnancy.  Yeah...let's just say by time The Bun came along, the newness had worn off.  Not that he didn't want to be there, he did, but life (aka: lack of money) got in the way, and The Firefighter had to work.

So the big day comes.  I go assume the position to get the news (YES - go girl power!).  I barely make it out the office door before I call The Firefighter all excited and wanting to share the moment.   But he DOESN'T answer.  Of course, I get all ticked off - How dare someone need saving while I have important news to share!  However, I'm not one to stay mad long and I quickly get to plotting. How should I break it to him?  After all, he is now hopelessly outnumbered and doomed to a fatherhood filled with tea parties, tutus, and large quantities of pink dryer lint.

I contemplate calling dispatch and having it announced on the radio - but that will just embarrass him. Then, I thought about bringing a big pink cake to the station - but too boring to be my style.  I even considered the obligatory facebook post, because you know someone's looking and will tell him - but decided that was too impersonal.

Then it comes to me.  I rush home to find a black marker and write on my belly "NO PENISES HERE" in big, bold letters (much harder than you think, upside down and backwards).  I take a picture with my phone, text it to him and wait.  A very short while later, The Firefighter responds in typical fashion with, "I'm really going to need my own bathroom."

Ha!  He never says the right thing at the right time - but I love him anyways.

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