Saturday, May 28, 2011

Milestones and Miracles

It has been a Banner week for Miss Chatterbox.  We hit 3 big milestones practically simultaneously.

After a great deal of research and procrastination, I finally chose a dentist for Miss Chatterbox.  I was so apprehensive about the visit that I insisted The Firefighter accompany us.  Judging by the amount The Firefighter was fidgeting on the drive to the appointment, he too was anxious.  I know we were envisioning the same thing.

What is that you ask?  You see - we have a dark secret.  Our normally sweet, precocious, and lovable Miss Chatterbox has an evil twin whom we like to call, Miss Phoebe.  Now, Miss Phoebe loves to throw tantrums.  Not just your average toddler tantrum, oh no no.  Ear-splitting, wall-shaking, earthquake causing tantrums are more her speed. thought that thing in Japan was just a freak event - nope, that was Miss Phoebe throwing a tantrum in Walmart.  Tuesday, all of the warning signs for an apocalyptic Miss Phoebe visit were there - short nap, new environment, and new people, so you can understand our anxiousness.

As we arrive, The Firefighter and I give each other a look that says, "Here goes nothing.  At least we're in it together".    Things go smoothly in the waiting room.  Miss Chatterbox even meets the dentist without shying away.  I begin to feel a little bit hopeful, maybe, just maybe, this will work.  We all crowd into the examination room with things still proceeding smoothly.  Then comes the crucial moment. The dentist asks her to lay back in the chair.  Miss Chatterbox HATES laying down.  Oh no, we see Miss Phoebe start to peek out, and The Firefighter and I begin to maneuver ourselves into offensive and defensive positions, respectively, because these poor people have no idea what they are in for.  But before we can do that, the dental assistant intervenes and says, "Miss Chatterbox, how 'bout you come sit on my lap and the dentist will count your teeth here" (Only someone who has experience with a Miss Phoebe of their own could have reacted as quickly).   Much to our amazement, Miss Chatterbox happily hops up and does just that.  The Firefighter and I resume our relaxed positions and the rest of the appointment goes without a hitch!  They even manage to clean some teeth and apply a fluoride treatment.  SUCCESS!

Later that same afternoon, Miss Chatterbox starts telling us when she needs to take a business trip!  She is now using the potty approximately 75% of the time.  Woo hoo!  Maybe we aren't failures at this whole parenting thing after all!

Finally, we have our last milestone of the week, which is nothing short of miraculous.  Miss Chatterbox, after 28 months, has finally decided that she can fall asleep - ON HER OWN!!!!!!  Up until yesterday, one of us had to lay in bed next to her until she fell asleep.    I had planned on tackling this skill over the summer in preparation for the arrival of The Bun.  However, I actually discovered this by mistake.  While I was laying with Miss Chatterbox last night, waiting for her to fall asleep, The Bun began her nightly gastrointestinal gymnastics routine.  Try as I might, I just couldn't wait any longer.  So I kiss Miss Chatterbox, tell her mommy has to potty and will be right back.  Closing the door, I steel myself for the arrival of Miss Phoebe, but to my surprise, she's a no-show!  When I finish my business trip, all's quiet on the western front, so I decide to push my luck and not go back in the room.  Moments later, I can tell she's asleep by the sounds in the baby monitor.  YES!!!

It's been a good week for the Fam.

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