Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Pacifier Fairy....and Other Lies We Tell Our Kids

Miss Chatterbox is a PACI ADDICT.  No, really.  If they had a PAA (Pacifier Addicts Anonymous), She would be the celebrity member - kinda like Lindsay Lohan, but not with drugs (JUST SAY NO, KIDS).  Though quite honestly, I think it will take more than a 12 step program to rehab her.  I'm dead serious, she can't sleep with any less than 4 clutched tightly her tiny little hands, another in her mouth and spare slipped under her pillow.

Early on, The Firefighter and I decided to go the paci route because of its effectiveness in detouring SIDS.  After she passed the magic 6 month mark, we tried unsuccessfully to attach Miss Chatterbox to a "lovey".  Though, I have to admit, we didn't try very hard since sleep was a hot commodity then.  At that point, I valued sleep more than food, more than money and about a trillion times more than sex.  We even bargained with each other for sleep time -  I'll do this, if you do that.  Still I thought, "we have plenty of time".

Fast forward to 22 months later.  Not that I believe there is any particular harm in her having it (no, American Pediatric Association, I don't believe in your arbitrary dates), but visions of her as a bucktoothed, 20 something, paci in hand, has prompted me to take more drastic measures.

So after some research (you know, on the Internet, where you can believe everything you read, right), I thought the gentlest method, that wouldn't leave her with a horrible "void", would be to convince her to give it up herself.

So last weekend, I began to weave a story about the Paci Fairy.  I told Miss Chatterbox that the Paci Fairy comes at night to take away your pacis and give them to new babies who need them.  In return, she leaves presents and sweet dreams.  I thought this would be the perfect tactic, as Miss Chatterbox has loved helping friends of mine who have babies smaller than her.

To my chagrin, Miss Chatterbox just gave me a look that says, "Really mom, is that all you got....I'm not buying it."  It's the same look she gave me the first time I put her in time out...right before she laughed at me.

I thought, "Oh no, little miss, I'm gonna win this one - I'll not be outplayed by a toddler."  So I go to Target, get a few cute things, and prepare for the Paci Fairy's arrival.  As I said earlier this week, she has just learned to put herself to bed. She was making a great deal of noise last night, but being so new a skill, I resisted the urge to peek in and see what she was doing.  Eventually, it goes quiet, and I sneak in to grab the pacis and leave her gifts.  But alas, I can't find a single paci - She has hidden them - really well.  I call The Firefighter in for reinforcements, and together with flash lights we comb her room looking for them.  There is not a Paci to be found.  The little minx, she was even smirking in her sleep.

Touche child!  Miss Chatterbox - 2   Mommy - 0

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  1. Anyone who says 'Children are innocent' either hasn't had them or has forgotten what they're like.