Friday, May 27, 2011

The Things my Toddler Says...

The Firefighter came home in a bad mood one morning, complaining about a mentally ill "frequent flier" they had to deal with in the wee hours.  Despite my repeated shushing, he was just too irritated to acknowledge the little ears listening.  However, Miss Chatterbox seemed to be more interested in her pancakes than her daddy's colorful adjective use, so I just let it go.

That is, until we arrived at her preschool classroom.  As usual, her teacher greeted her with, "Good morning, Miss Chatterbox."  To which Miss Chatterbox replies, "hooker, hooker, hooker"  in her sweetest singsong voice.  OH BOY. CRAP.  I have exactly 10 seconds to come up with a plausible reason why my 2 year old is using the word hooker.   So I do what any sane parent would do -  I lie.

"Oh no, honey," I giggle, "we aren't fishing today."  I glance at her teacher and proceed to explain how we went fishing yesterday off the Pitt Street Pier and her daddy made a joke about "hooking her up with worms".   Miss Chatterbox's teacher ditches the offended look and smiles knowingly at me.  She has bought the lie -  hook, line and sinker.  (HAHA! - I had to throw that in, I love a good pun).

Phew!  Disaster averted.  Now to have a talk with The Firefighter about his language....

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