Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keepin' it Real: The Marks of Motherhood (FYI TMI ATC)

Yesterday, I took Miss Chatterbox to the beach and was confronted with one of the unfair truths about pregnancy - It doesn't affect all women equally.  It's been said that all children leave indelible prints on their mothers' bodies, but judging by the moms at the beach, their obedient spawn wrote in washable finger paints, while my rebels did so in permanent marker.

Mind you, I'm not really complaining - I certainly wouldn't trade my girls (though I might give my right eye) for Heidi Klum's body.  It's just interesting that there really isn't a very open dialogue among women about the "ugly" parts of pregnancy.  


I have to say, very shortly after giving birth to Miss Chatterbox, I realized I felt betrayed by my fellow women (but hey it could also have been the GALLON of bendryl- epinephrine I had been given).  I knew all about stretch marks, labor horror stories and weight battles.   But why didn't anyone tell me I would have to push for 3 HOURS or that my business would swell to the size of a baseball and I would have to sit on ice for a week or how about temporary incontinence - BOY was that a surprise.   I had been told to expect some hormonal moodiness - but the blubbering, nervous mess I became was a real shock to The Firefighter.  

As far as I can tell, there are only two reasons we (women) don't talk about it.  
1. It's a matter of survival.  If we did, the world population of 7 billion would die out in one generation.
2. We are all individuals and just as no two children are alike - neither are any two pregnancies.  Not all women experience it in the same way.  

A friend of mine put it best - "Your stretch marks and spider veins are your battle scars.  They just mean your on the front lines of motherhood.  Those other moms - they must be sitting safe on base.  At least now you know to stock up on Kotex pads."

Have another great day in the trenches, Mommas!

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  1. LOL! They are our battle scars and we don't have personal trainers and plastic surgeons to get us back to "normal". I refuse to let other people dictate to me how I should look. The media is very annoying when it comes to this. We have scars and that is OK!