Friday, June 24, 2011

Keeping Me On My Toes....and Butter On the Toast.

First and foremost - I must apologize for being negligent in my entertainment blogging duties!  It's been a busy and hectic month, but I'm back on the ball....and on to the fun.

Today, life has come full circle.  Miss Chatterbox has officially proven herself to be my child beyond any doubt.  Not that me or my neither regions doubt that she is mine, but this goes way past genetics.  Every family has "that" story that lives on in infamy and in our case it includes butter - lots of it.  

When I was approximately Miss Chatterbox's age, my poor mother made the mistake of sleeping a little too deeply one morning (Jeez - can't imagine why she would, I was such a quiet, lovely child - ha ha).   Rather than awaken her, my 2 year old brain decided that I would "help" my mommy.  I decided that the windows needed cleaning, and I would do it - with butter.  So when she did wake up, she found me on the couch, butter in hand smearing it all over the windows, proudly shouting, "I help Mommy, I help Mommy."

It was just a funny story....until today.

We have been lucky.  5 months ago, when we put Miss Chatterbox in her "big girl bed",  she blissfully didn't understand that she could get in and out without help.   We chose not to enlighten her....I'm not a mean mommy, really, I just thought she would learn on her own soon enough.  Well folks, that morning finally came.  I slept just a little too hard this morning.....and awoke to Miss Chatterbox - tub of Country Crock in hand - saying, "I make toast, Mommy!" as she buttered my sheets while I laid on them.

Yes, we did make toast for breakfast....then learned all about the washing machine.

Have a good weekend, Y'all!

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