Monday, June 27, 2011

The Miss Phoebe Chronicles - Volume 1

Today has already been a day and it's not even noon because Miss Phoebe decided to pay a surprise visit.

For those of you who don't know who Miss Phoebe is, let me back up and start at the beginning.  My little Miss Chatterbox was not an easy baby.  She was an angry little being with male pattern balding (sorry, honey, but it's true - I have pictures), pissed off about being forcefully ejected from her comfortable womb.  It was like she already knew she was going to have a hard road.....first she had jaundice, then colic, then a long hospitalization for RSV and multiple hospitalizations for asthma control before she was 8 months old.  

Not surprisingly, the result was that Miss Chatterbox was NOT a people person.  She was soooo sensitive  (to everything)  and so easily overstimulated that bringing her out in public or around large family gatherings was TORTURE.  She would just scream and scream and scream.  I remember thinking, "Please don't let this be my child's personality."  There came a point ,when I was ready to have an exorcism performed to get the little demon out of the sweet child I knew had to be in there somewhere.

However, my mom just laughed at me.  Having already been down this road, she knew it was temporary  and that with a little love and patience - this too would pass.  When I half jokingly mentioned the exorcism to my mom, she just hee hawed and said, "there will come a day when you will want her to have a little Phoebe in her."  And so, Phoebe, became the nickname for Miss Chatterbox's "disgruntled" side.

As my mom predicted, with a little bit of time and patience, Miss Chatterbox became a loving, happy, smiling and cheerful little toddler.  Gradually, we saw less and less of Miss Phoebe, more and more of Miss Chatterbox.  However, occasionally Miss Phoebe likes to remind me that she is still there and BOY was today a whopper of a visit.

Today had to be an errand running day.  I try not to have to do that because it's just asking for trouble with a 2 year old in tow, but sometimes you have to be like Nike, and just do it.

First on the list was a visit to the bank....we began with demanding a sucker, and whining until we got it.

Next was the DMV....Despite my every attempt to keep Miss Chatterbox entertained, after an hour, she had had enough.  She knocked over the chair she was sitting in, right into a potted plant, then before I could fix that, ran off and pulled a magazine rack off of the wall and starting flinging them everywhere.  Ha! People were ducking out of her way, because for a 2 year old, she has a mad crazy fast ball.  Yeah, they were happy to see me go, clearing a path as I went....I guess I"ll just have to drive around with an expired license for a little while longer.

After a visit home for lunch and nap, Miss Chatterbox seemed renewed and calm, and since I was worried the nutrition Nazis would have my hide based on the lack of food in my house, I decide to brave the grocery store.  Free cookies kept her pacified...which lulled me into a false sense of security.  I decided to run to one more store....

I should have known better, but vanity got in the way.  My belly has began to outgrow The Firefighter's t-shirts, so in desperation, I stopped at a store called Palmetto Moon for a couple of cheap ones.  I wasn't in the store 2 minutes before Miss Chatterbox had taken off running, knocked over a display of tervis tumblers, one of crocs, broken two wine glasses and pulled down a table with over 200 folded shirts on it.  

I don't believe in spanking, but I've never been so close to it.

We also aren't welcome at Palmetto Moon anymore...

 I just couldn't do anything but laugh.... Gotta love a southern girl with spunk!

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