Monday, June 27, 2011

Romance and the Redneck

Our 4th wedding anniversary is fast approaching and I have been dropping some gentle reminders about it to The Firefighter.   Such as the following text messages:

Me:  Our anniversary is in 11 days.  You better have something good planned, damn it!  Love you Daddy-o :)

Hubby: I know.  I'm gonna take you to McDonald's and you don't even have to order off the dollar menu.

Me:  Ha Ha...

Hubby:  Anything for you, Baby.

(Note:  I amended The Firefighter's spelling....if I didn't it would have read something like Egyptian hieroglyphics.)

I have also left notes like this:

 Yes, Subtlety is my middle name.

Don't get me wrong.  I knew what I was getting into when I married The Firefighter.  I labor under no delusions of him suddenly turning into a hopeless romantic.  In fact, I think I would be annoyed if he did.    I generally think of flowers as waste of money, and "fancy fine dinning" as crap too.  However, I do want just one day a year, that he puts some effort into it.  Is that really too much to ask?

I given this quite a bit of thought to this over the years, and I think the problem is motivation.  How do you motivate a guy that is happy to spend his anniversary at home, in front of the TV or a bonfire, pizza and beer in hand, with the promise of later "entertainments"?

In years past, I've tried getting all dolled up to motivate him, but have been met with responses such as
(Before Kids)
"Why'd you have to put that junk on your face?" (I believe I only had on mascara and chapstick)

"Why'd you waste your time, it's only gonna end up on the floor." (Ahem - this was about 5 margaritas in)

(After kids)
"I know you wanna go out, but can we just stay home?"  (Followed by ZZZZZZZ less than 5 minutes later)

Rednecks may not be romantic, but there is an honesty to their love.  I appreciate being loved so completely that The Firefighter couldn't care less whether I'm done to the nines, or laying around the house in my ancient Mickey Mouse night shirt because nothing else will fit over this dang baby belly.  He never fails to tell me I'm beautiful at the times I feel the least so.  I can be my most "real" with him.  It's comforting to know that how I look doesn't change his opinion of me in the least.  How often, in today's society, can we say that?

Still - If you know The Firefighter, feel free to text him any anniversary suggestions.....seriously, the boy needs help!

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  1. Ha ha! I am married to a hopeless non-romantic. There are perks to it. Like the fact that he hates it when I wear make-up. I rarely wear it now. He really accepts it when I look like a hag when I wake up. It is a blessing in disguise. They are low-maintence. It has worn off of me. I have very low expectations myself. This helps me to live a more contented life and not to worry about if he is being romantic or not.