Sunday, September 25, 2011

For Heaven's Sake Don't Ask Her to Say....

Fork, firetruck, basket, or even her full name in front of great grandma.  I'm terrified the size of Miss Chatterbox's "four" letter word vocabulary might give great grandma a stroke....or prompt her to call CPS.

You see, Miss Chatterbox, in addition to being a non stop motor mouth (I know it will cause problems later in school, sorry kid, but detention is character building - I would know), has a slight speech impediment and the standard toddler lisp, that turns ordinary words into a more interesting interpretation.

Today, threw even me, a seasoned toddler parent, into shock.  By seasoned, I mean flying by the seat of pants.  Just trying not to cause her to spend years in therapy.

With safety in mind, I attempted to teach, Miss Chatterbox, her full name as well as mommy and daddy's names.  A seemingly mundane task, right?  WRONG.

Now, I don't want to give out to much "real" info, but I'll lose the humor if I don't give some.  Our last name rhymes with corn and her middle name rhymes with pin.  So I say her full name, and ask her to repeat it.

Me:  Say your name.
Her: Aubin Love Porn
Me: Umm, no Sweet Pea, try again.
Her: Aubin Love Porn  - More animatedly, complete with booty shaking.
Her: Aubin Love Porn, Aubin Love Porn.

Sweet baby Jebus, what am I gonna do with this one?

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