Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Have You Ever Been So Tired....

That you find EVERYTHING hilarious?  Yep, me too.

Today, I was so tired, it took 3 tries to get dressed in clothes that, you know, were clean, matched and right side out.  I STILL managed to forget to brush my hair (thank goodness messy buns are totally right now) and put on my husband's flip flops without noticing and left for work.

Of course, my student had to point all this out first thing.  I told him it was a new trend and he should try it....(The speed with which I can lie to kids is frightening - but it's all for their own good, right?)

Constipated baby = fussy baby = awake baby = tired mommy and daddy = slap happy teacher

You get the picture.  I was okay until the following texts from The Firefighter.

Him:  We have lift off - from the rear!
Me: Yay! Constipation marathon is over!
Him: Yeah, I think she levitated about a foot.  But now it's like soft serve machine that won't stop.  It's a total poopsplotion.

About ten minutes later...

Him: I would just like you to know I have changed 5 diapers in a row with fecal matter in them.
Me:  What?  You want an award?
Him:  No, I want the immunity idol and the million dollars.

Now, I am not typically the type that laughs at poop humor.  However, I literally laughed out loud when I was trying to hide the fact, from my student, that I was looking at my cell phone!  Not only that, I couldn't STOP laughing.   Poor kid, he totally thought his teacher lost her mind.

When I finally calm down, my student does the strangest thing....he starts sniffing his socks! WTH!  Boys are so weird!  That totally did me in.  I'm still laughing, while I write this.

Apparently, uncontrolled laughter is my body's way of saying...."we tired, yo - GO TO BED!"

So watch out, Boo!  We will be flipping a coin for it tonight!

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