Monday, September 12, 2011

"You May Walk Into Burning Buildings..."

"But I had a surgery WITHOUT anesthesia.  That totally out badasses your piddly little fire walking."

"Yeah, but did you have 50 lbs strapped to your back and no visibility?"

"NO, but I had 30 lbs attached to my waist, and I GROW PEOPLE.  What's your superpower?"

Booyah! Amber -1   The Firefighter - 0

So, as you may have gathered from my conversation this morning with The Firefighter, The Bun has finally made her much anticipated, but fashionably late, debut.

World, meet The Bun.   Bun, meet The World.

9.3 lbs
22 inches long

Yeah, I like to birth 'em fully grown and ready for college.  Saves money.  I'm all about frugality.

Welcome, baby girl!  Mommy and Dadu love you very much and we are glad you are here!

Who rule the world? - GIRLS!

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