Friday, October 28, 2011

5 Minutes is an Eternity When You're 2

Every wonder what goes on in your 2 year old's head?  This is what I think 5 minutes looks like in Miss Chatterbox's.

Oh look - a marker, this wall looks like a good place to draw.
My monkey is funny - like hysterically funny.
I want to watch Thomas the Choo Choo Train.
Forget watching it, I want to ride it.
I need to peepee.
No, I won't sit on the potty...I WON'T!
I don't care if I get a candy.
I don't want a sticker.
I want a sticker.
Where is Mommy?  I want to show Mommy.
I can't find Mommy?
Mommy must be gone forever! WAAAAAA!!!
Oh, there's Mommy.
Look at my picture, Mommy.  Isn't it awesome?!
What?  You don't like it?  The wall is a perfect spot.
I don't want to sit in TIME OUT!
Where's Dadu?  I want DADU!!!
I want to ride a Choo Choo train.
What's this?  A cracker on the floor - I'm gonna eat it.
Why shouldn't I eat it?  I'm hungry.
I don't want mac and cheese!
I want mac and cheese!
I don't want to eat. NOOOOOO!!!! You can't make me.  I don't like food.
I want to play with the big kids.
I want to play with friends.
Look at the monkey, he always makes me laugh!
No, I don't have to pee pee.
Really, I don't want to pee pee.  YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!!
I'm hungry.
I NO pee peed, Mommy!  I want candy.  I'm hungry
No, I don't want mac and cheese or apples.  I'm not hungry.
I want candy.  I'm hungry.
No, don't hug me.  Leave me alone.  I NO WANT HUG!
Oh look there's my dolly.  I'm gonna play dolly.
No, Mommy, don't pick up sissy.  I want hug!   HUG ME!  HUG ME NOW!
What do you mean it's naptime?  NOOOO!!
I just wake up, I no tired.  I NO TIRED!
Put sissy down, sing me a song.
NO I DON'T have to go PEE PEE!
Oh wait, yes I do.
I pee peed, Mommy.  Where's my sticker?

Anyone else count down the nano seconds until bedtime?  Calgon, take me away!

Ain't I a stinker?

* This picture took 12 tries because she wouldn't stand still.  

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