Friday, November 11, 2011

I Don't Need Fire Safety...

"You need to clean out the lint trap, Babe.  It can cause a fire if you don't"

"I don't need fire safety.  That's what I married you for!"

I don't know how many times over the years, The Firefighter and I have had this, and similar, conversations.  I'm sure it's just ingrained in him from all the bad stuff he's seen over the years, but Lordy, it gets on my nerves!  And if I'm honest, it shouldn't, since I've been known to set a nice kitchen blaze or two or three, myself (unintentionally, I swear).   But hey, it's all good, after all I've been trained to use any of the 5 fire extinguishers The Firefighter feels is necessary to keep in the house.

Of course, he has good reason to want to keep them.

There was that time we had a Molotov cocktail thrown in our front yard.  Little punks, of course I thought it was a great idea to chase them down with the extinguisher after I put out the fire....

Then there was the kitchen towel fire...Not one of my brighter moments.  Wait whoops, sorry Boo, you may not have known about that one.

How about the time I managed to set tin foil on fire in the oven... Come on, you gotta be impressed, that takes talent!

Then the dryer fire... I really hate it when The Firefighter is right (if your reading this Honey - better take a picture 'cuz I won't be saying that again).


The Firefighter wasn't home for a SINGLE ONE of these incidents.  We've also never lived in district...until recently.  Since we've moved, I've noticed an increase in the number of "fire safety" conversations.  Apparently, as a firefighter, it's embarrassing to have a call to your house for something minor.  Or maybe just embarrassing to have a fire safety dropout for a wife.  Either way, I have to say that this new development is so AWESOME!  My completely unflappable hubby has a weakness!  I'm so gonna get him called out to our house for something stupid... or at least threaten too.

Why is it so fun to embarrass (good naturedly, of course - I don't do mean) the ones we love?

Happy  Monday!


  1. My husband has been called to the house for medical emergencies, but never for a fire. It sounds like we have accidents, you are fires! LOL!

    Wow, how do you catch tin foil on fire? Did it have grease on it?

  2. We've managed to avoid the far. I'm sure they are coming with the girls getting older.

    I absolutely hate cleaning the oven. But I'm also the queen of boiling over dishes in the oven. So I thought it would be a great idea to line the bottom of the oven with I could clean it out once a week. Well of course I kept forgetting about it, and yes it did have grease! I suspect that ignited the fire..the it got hot enough that the foil burned to tiny pieces!

    Yeah...I don't do that trick anymore, I just suck it up and clean the oven out. :)