Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why, Mommy, Why?

Miss Chatterbox has entered the age of  the "why".

And it doesn't bother me in the least.  Really.  I never miss an opportunity to cram obnoxiously useless knowledge into my offspring's head.  I'm raising world class, Trivial Pursuit champions here,  People.

 And I'm a geek.  I'm cool with that.  After all, not just anybody can rock these glasses.

But, I may have gone a little overboard today.  Judge for yourselves.

Conversation takes place, in the car, a few minutes after getting vanilla milkshakes.  

Mommy, my ice-cream melting!  Why it do that?

Because it's a frozen emulsion.

No, it nilla, Mommy.  Why it a frozen mulshion?

An emulsion is when two liquids, that are usually immiscible, are mixed.  In this case, the milk fat globules are in the dispersed phase and the sugar water is in the continuous phase.  But it's not just an emulsion.  It is also a foam.

Foam?  Why it foam?

It's foam because of the air particles also dispersed throughout the liquid.  Since it has so many particles in different phases, ice cream exists in a constant state of flux.

Why it f*&ks, Mommy?

Flux, Baby.  Not f*&ks.


Better.  All matter can be considered in a state of flux because it has outside forces, like temperature, working on it.  Heat in this case.  Heat instigated the change in this ice cream system.


Because heat enters this ice cream system as energy and excites the water/sugar particles causing them to change states.  When the liquid water changes states, or evaporates -

Vapooprate?  I vapooprate.  Why ice cream vapooprate?

Well you, poop, but you don't evaporate.  Evaporate means to turn into vapor.  When that water leaves the system, it changes the fundamental crystalline structure of the ice cream.  That's how ice cream melts.   That's also why it tastes different when it's melted.


I'm mentally patting myself on the back and thinking, that I finally found a use for that seemingly useless and stupid 40k molecular biology degree, I have.   And that I've worn Miss Chatterbox down.

Mommy, look at my pretty picture!  I'm painting!

I glance into the back seat just in time to see that she's fingerpainted the ENTIRE window with ice cream.


But hey, it's an improvement.  At least she didn't chuck the milkshake out the window on to a cop car this time.  Doubly good since I have expired tags right now, but that's another story...

How do you deal with your child's constant "whys"?


  1. LOL, I just made stuff up, they didn't know the difference.

    When they got older I'd say google it.

    BTW, I thought it was just my imagination that ice cream tastes different when it melts. Ha.

    I love how you take stuff in stride and see humor in it. I probably would have flipped out if my kids had done stuff like that at that age.

  2. My oldest was like that as well, and it came back to bite me. At 3, I got him, my 5 year-old nephew and his baby brother in the car, ready to go play at the splash pad. As we pull out, an ominous cover comes across the sky and I sigh, "why does it have to rain today?" My loverly then proceeds to lecture me on the water cycle. Complete with a, "well duh Mom." All, while still in Pull-ups.

  3. Yikes! I would not be happy to look back and see a picture made of ice cream on my car window! I have never had a "why" kid yet. My kids ask questions, but never like that. I think it would literally drive me nuts!

    When I have been around children that do that, I always turn it back to them and ask "Why do you think ...?" It seems to work.

    The reading is going fairly well. I have decided to let each of them pick out a chapter book so they will all get their turn. I am reading so much now, my voice is starting to get tired. I have to pace myself!