Monday, February 13, 2012

Pigs Can Fly

I don't go out to eat very often.  Not that I don't like to, I mean, what's not to like about eating food someone else cooked, that you don't have to clean up?  But going out to eat with kids 3 and under?  Not exactly a relaxing experience.  Dealing with a kid throwing spaghetti at the ceiling requires much less apologizing at home than in say an Olive Garden.  There are fewer dirty looks too.  

However, I am a firm believer that you must give a child a range of experiences so that they can learn to behave appropriately in any situation.  

On Saturday, I decided that me and the girls were going to out to lunch by ourselves, since The Firefighter was taking a class out of town.  I was craving some Jason's Deli, Y'all!  I had to get my fix.  I even had a coupon for a free kids meal and noon is typically The Bun's nap time.  And Jason's Deli has free soft serve.  Yes, it was so perfect that we were farting sunshine and barfing rainbows.

This is normally where I would tell of Miss Chatterbox's misadventures.  But I got nothing.  She behaved like a perfect little angel.  She was polite, sat relatively still, and ate her food without complaint.  Seriously.  I kept looking out the window, expecting to see pink porcine flying objects or the devil in a snowsuit, but neither happened.  It was absolutely wonderful.  It renewed my faith in my parenting ability and validated my chosen method of parenting as a good fit for my oldest child.  

However, going out to eat with Miss Chatterbox is a bit like being in a celebrity entourage.   No less than 7 different groups of people stopped at our table to talk to her.   People flock to her hippies to a Phish concert.  While it occasionally makes my hackles stand up, I understand completely.  She just exudes life, energy and happiness.  I enjoy standing guard and basking in the reflected glow of her awesomeness.   

It's okay, I know you wanna be cool like me.

The formerly mellow and laid back Bun, is coming into her own little personality and has recently developed quite the attitude.  If she doesn't like something, or her sissy leaves her sight, she is sure to howl and let you know about it! She is sitting almost unassisted, eating baby food without issue, and has become mobile already, at 5 months old, via the rolling pin method.  She has also become a world class raspberry blower.  Why, you ask?  

Because I frequently have the juvenile urge to blow raspberries at people who annoy me (Which are not in short supply these days or perhaps, I'm just a little too hormonal) The Bun does it, with such frequency, that I can count on her to phhhhrrrrrrttttttttttt at exactly the right moment.  She will usually throw some spit into there there too, free of charge. 

It's also my morning wake up call, though I believe she means it more in a, "haha, I know your alarm isn't supposed to go off for another hour, but too bad, I'm up and wanna play NOW" kinda way. 

I love watching her little personality develop.  She and Miss Chatterbox are going to be thick as thieves here soon.  

Make my day!

My little Jumping Bean is doing just fine as was confirmed by ultrasound last week.  Everything appears to be healthy with the baby, and I felt my first tiny barely noticeable flutters yesterday.  As much as I HATE being preggo, that feeling still made me smile.  However, I am concerned because my diabetes has ramped up drastically in the last two weeks.  My numbers are all over the place, even though I'm being extremely strict with my diet, but I am still hopeful I will be able to avoid insulin this time.  

That's all for now! How was your weekend?

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  1. LOL, yep, Swine Flu and miracles occured.

    She is so cute. That's so funny people stop to visit her.

    Looking forward to hearing more of the Bun's adventures as she gets old enough to aid and abet. Fun times ahead! (For your readers, anyway, haha)

    Glad to hear Bean is doing good, not so good about your diabetes, though. Take care a yourself.