Thursday, February 16, 2012

Natural Progression of Valentine's Day

In the beginning of my relationship with The Firefighter (i.e. before kids), when I was still an unrealistic asshat, who believed what Hollywood sold me, Valentine's went something like this:

Which of course, being a typical twenty something female, this disappointed me and I translated as meaning this:

But when he saw me getting upset (don't judge, yo.  I already admitted to being a piss nozzle about it) he would say:

Which would always be some variation of this kind of last minute, picked over, convinence store cheesy:

But what he truly meant was this:

Obviously we wanted different things out of Valentine's Day, so we would end up like this..usually in the parking lot of whatever reservation I had made.

 Such it was until we had kids.  Now, Valentine's Day goes something like this:

  5 minutes later, we're doing this:

And I'm perfectly satisfied.  Hope everyone had a restful Valentine's.  


  1. LOL and I was so excited to share a heart shaped pizza with my FF and N. Thanks for bursting my bubble, sheesh!! Funny how we change with all these kids!

    1. HAHA! I think I would have been happier with a real heart shaped pizza....

      True, since we had kids, Boo has been making more of an effort because he feels like special occasions give us a legitimate reason to bail on our kids and have a night to ourselves. However, this last one - we paid a sitter to come early in the morning (my children like to get up around430-5 am) so we could have a uninterrupted night of sleep. LOL! The things that please us now...

  2. Be forewarned, it returns in your 40's, lol.