Monday, February 6, 2012

Walking on the Wild Side of the Grocery Store

I remember when being adventurous meant bungee jumping, ledge walking, tree bashing, doing donuts on the ice while strapped on the roof of the car in the middle of a snowstorm, golfing with wiffle balls off a friend's apartment roof and flashing cops to get out of underage drinking tickets.  Yeah.  I never claimed to be smart.  I'm also pretty sure I might owe an apology to all the parents of my friends who I drug through this stupidity with me over the years.  My bad, Y'all.  But we sure did have fun making those memories, right?

How the times have changed.

You want to know how I define adventure now?  Asparagus.  Yep.  I got a wild hair in the grocery store this weekend and bought a bunch.  Now, I've never cooked asparagus, let alone eaten it and Miss Chatterbox was poking the package like it was an alien turd from the planet Vulcan (live long and prosper) but, by golly, we were gonna walk on the wild side and eat asparagus.

When I got home, I excitedly looked up asparagus recipes on my favorite recipe site.  I was shocked to find out just how versatile it was.   How can it be that I've never come into contact with it?  It can be grilled, steamed, baked, mashed or even boiled.  Dang.  What began as an adventure, suddenly became a daunting task.  But, since I needed some adventure in my life, we were gonna eat asparagus, dammit!

So, I settled on steaming it and making a hollandaise sauce as the most probable way the family would eat it.  I got all set up, even made the hollandaise sauce (which is kinda tricky, actually), and went to grab the asparagus to put in the steamer.

But I couldn't find it.  It's like it had pulled a Houdini and just poofed.  It wasn't in the fridge where I put it, nor left in my car, and not in Miss Chatterbox's usual hiding spots.  I'm mystified and a little bit peeved.  After all, I'd put all kinds of expectations and plans on that darn package of asparagus.

Then Miss Chatterbox says, "Come look, Mommy!"

Out on our porch, I find that Miss Chatterbox has taken her "alien turds" and built a whole city with them - in her sandbox.  Some, she tells me are "berrwed treaswure" and others are the cornerstones for her "alien pirate turd village".

I couldn't help but burst out in laughter.  We may not have gotten to experience "adventurous cuisine" that night, but the asparagus still brought an adventurous flight of imagination to our home.

Any suggestions on what to buy next week at the store?  Starfruit?  Rutabagas?

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  1. Sometimes the sushi sections have baby octopus. It's the whole damned thing: marinated and cooked. VERY tasty.

    The most adventurous thing we have currently living in our cabinet is: (and I'm not making this up) Canned Pork Brains in Cream Gravy.

    We are -never- going to eat this.

    But as I always enjoy attempting to terrify our children creatively, and as our local Food Lion was closing forever and and offering 25% off everything, AND these were on the closeout rack, I couldn't resist getting two cans of them.

    Mind you, the girls don't balk at sushi, or at tripe, rabbit, goat, duck, octopus, squid, or any of the other more 'foodie' things we've made at home. We're always open and descriptive about 'what and where that particular piece of meat came from' and what started out as a fun way to make the girls go 'ewww' has become more of an educational experience for them--and also led to opened minds as far as what the kids will eat.

    ...I was mildly disappointed when both of them didn't even balk at the concept of the pork brains.

    On the more serious side, go to Trader Joe's. They have TONS of stuff you'd never think of, and it's all--for the most part--pretty good. We had dark chocolate covered toffee with pistachio nuts on last night. Crazy yummy.

    Roasted wasabi covered seaweed is something else they've got that's very -very- good, and totally guilt-free, as I think an entire package weighs in at a whalloping 60 calories. I think one burns more than that just from opening the package.