Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Necessity Must Be the Mother of MacGyver

It's no secret that the pay for firefighters sucks big blue donkey balls.  Especially in a right to work state, where the average rent is more than 50% of a firefighter's monthly income.  Any wonder there is a massive turnover rate in this area and a critical shortage of public servants?    No one can afford to do the job, unless they have two or more jobs - a difficult feat in this economy.  And unions, who protect the interests of the workers, are the villains?  Whatever.  Rocky Mountain Oysters, anyone?

Yes, yes, I know.  Opinions are like bushy armpits, everyone has two, but they are only occasionally presentable and stink most of the time.  Whine, whine, bitch and moan, two sides to every story, made your own choice, blah, blah, blah.  Even so, society needs public servants to function smoothly and I believe it's more cost effective and less negatively economically impacting to prune the pay at the top of the heap rather than the bottom.  Just sayin'.

Anyway.  Political rant over.  Moving on.

If Necessity is the mother of MacGyver, Broke is the mother of Necessity.  And broke is what we are.  Which has forced me to find my inner MacGyver.  But Pinterest?  Pinterest is the most bomb diggity side kick MacGyver never had!  Seriously!  It's totally helped me think outside the box.  Only have a can of tuna, beans, powdered milk?  Bam, Pinterest has a recipe Emeril would drool over.  Kids playing hopscotch on your last nerve?  They have simple fix for that too - involving nothing more than salt and glue.

Pinterest is cooler than a penguin's fart. It's totally pimp, Yo!

However, The Firefighter does not share in my love affair with Pinterest.   He hates it.  By hate, I mean he would rather do the macarena in the demon infested fires of the 7th ring of hell while getting toothpicks shoved up his fingernails than have a Pinterestacular threesome with me.

This is a BIG problem.  Why, you ask, feigning interest in my first world marital problems?

Because I've got some seriously early hardcore nesting going on.  That's why.  And the more time I spend on the time suck that is Pinterest, contemplating cheap and free ways to cram 3 kids, ages 3 and under, into a 900 sq ft., two bedroom condo and organize it in such a way that I don't lose my shit looking at clutter, the longer his honey-do list gets.   It's also complicated by the fact that I'm not particularly realistic about our abilities and for a math teacher, I suck at eyeballing dimensions.  I also suck at directions, dodgeball, dieting and a shit ton of other things.  But, hey,  I can derive the hell out of some functions.  Need to know what s= ut + 1/2a (squared)  means or how RNA transcriptase works?  I'm your girl.  

And you know Boo's really loving the curb alert and dumpster diving duties assigned to him.  What?  Don't act like you don't dig in your neighbors' trash when there is something good sitting on the curb.  I know that ain't limited to us southern rednecks.  Though you may not take it as far as patrolling neighboring 'hoods on trash day...  Whatever.  I'm not ashamed.  I just ask myself, what would MacGyver do?

Turns out, MacGyver would Pin the shit out of some ideas on a virtual board and beg The Firefighter to do the heavy lifting to turn it into reality.

It could happen, right?

Happy Pinning!

Disclaimer- All pics are from Pinterest.  I haven't the foggiest clue how to credit them to the original? Bueller, Bueller, Anybody?


  1. a) you're absolutely right about your political rant. At FireMan's house it's the norm for the FFs to have 2 jobs (at least). FireMan has 2, plus his own business. And yes, I work too.

    b) I stopped visiting Pinterest. Mostly. I'd see way too many things I wanted to do, that I knew neither FireMan nor I had the time to get done. And I ended up feeling bad about it. So done. Unless I have a specific project to look up. Then... it's genius.

  2. Yes ma'am, I have taken pieces of furniture from the side of the road, I have indeed! I have a hutch, a dresser, and a bookcase from doing that. One man's waste is another man's treasure I guess, and I am okay with it! Love pinterest - it's a time vampire for sure, but the inspiration, oh my! Wish we lived closer, I would TOTALLY do a pinterest three way with you, all night long if necessary! LOL! Love you!

  3. I loooove Pinterest! I click on Everything and just look and look at all the pictures.

    As far as pinning, though, I won't generally pin something I know or am pretty sure is out of our reach or range or skill level.

    Do you know about freecycle.org?
    What it is, people have stuff they want to get rid of, but don't want to throw it in the garbage, for instance if you clean out your kitchen cabinets one day and say you have some odd and ends mugs or plates or pans. You can post them on freecycle and someone else who might want them can come get them from you and get some use out of them.

    I have given a BUNCH of stuff away since I've started decluttering and getting rid of stuff. Perfectly good stuff I don't want to throw away, I just don't want anymore.

    On the other hand, I have also gotten some pretty good things that other people were giving away like a nearly new twin size mattress for my youngest son's bed, a bed for my oldest son, a truck camper top shell for FF's truck, a couple of non-working refrigerators we fixed for about $25.00 (intending to sell, but ended up FF's cousin needed one, then my son needed one, and the other one is my spare-spare fridge, lol). We also got our not-yet-built chicken coop materials after we went and disassembled it and cleaned up the area for the people.

    People are always giving away baby and kid clothes, items, and toys on there, and you can tell when it's Spring or Fall cleaning season, LOL.

    You're political rant is dead on, and I'd like to add my own, since we haven't gotten a raise in 4 - 5 years. That was okay, I said, at least he still had a job at a time a lot of others didn't. But the insurance thing is what seriously pisses me off. Our insurance premiums went up $50 per pay period, so that's an extra $1200 a year. Our co-pays on office visits and scripts went up. Our deductibles went up. They changed a lot of things they used to cover in the office visit cost to apply to the deductible, so we have to pay for those OOP until we reach our deductible, which we NEVER do!
    We don't have babies and we're not good about going for general physicals so the only time any of us really go to the doctor is if we're sick, and we're not sick that often.

    Anyway, that coupled with no raises in 4 or 5 years has set us back to where were more than a decade ago.