Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Technology and Communication

I can always tell when The Firefighter and I need to take time to reconnect.

It's usually about the time we start using google calendar to bitch at each other.

What can I say?  We're classy people here, Folks.  

Of course, nothing says class like driving a hoopdy, but texting on the latest droid and emailing on, not one but two macbook pros.

Me:  I'll stop using your towel when you get all your dam tools off the back porch.  I think this should be your new theme song.

Him:  You making fun of my clothes again?  I'm a man, baby.  AND don't forget - you bought them.  
PS-  I found a bigger house we could afford.  

Me:  That's awesome.  I'd fit right in with my new tattoo and overgrown roots.

PS- I still want you to quit it with the loogies in the sink, mkay!  

Him:  You make barefoot and pregnant look good.  Let's make a deal - wink wink!

Me:  OH HELL NAH!  I told you, no more boom boom until you are shooting blanks!    


Later that night, I wasn't up to hauling the kids to the station, so we Skyped so the kids could say goodnight to their daddu face to face and have him read them a story.  

I love technology.  It let's me bitch at my husband through at least 5 different mediums, then document it for all the world to see.  

So here's a question for you - Has changed how you interact with your significant other?  Has it brought you closer together or pushed you away?


  1. LOL, y'all are a hoot.

    About the only thing that's changed for us is that FF texts me more than calling me now.

    He's a talker, so whenever he has something to tell me, he'll tell me. Back when phones still had cords, he'd call me.
    Sometimes he still does call if he has something he needs to say or ask right now.
    But I'm not a phone person and he knows it so if he just has a random thought or comment he needs to share, he'll text me.

  2. Well, my hubs is a web-developer by trade so he actually gets paid to be all technical. Which has it's pros and cons. Pro: Blue screen of Death - problem usually solved with some new thingamajig download/whirlagig software package. Con: He's obnoxious and condescending. "Miiindy...it's really not thaaaat difficult. You just do (this and this and this and this)" because at that point I've usually stopped listening due to me being pissed and all. So technology has allowed me to buy milk and Coors Light...but it has also caused my forehead vein to bulge. Love your blog! :0)

  3. We're not phone talkers. We text all the time. In fact when he got home from work I wanted to stay sleeping in. When I woke up I was still too lazy to get up so I texted him from bed and had a goofy convo with him through the wall. lol I have no idea why my kids are the way they are? (eye roll)