Friday, May 4, 2012


It's been a week, Y'all!  Hasn't it?  I'm glad it's over, aren't you?

This week has been full of aggravations, especially since rich people have a very deluded idea of what reality is for the rest of us, peons.  But blah, I don't wanna talk that.  It's over, right?


I got to go to the store last night, alone.  Yeah, I know your jealous.  You should be.  It was pretty much orgasmic.  I didn't have any of those awkward moments when a cashier pulls a vibrator, or 3, out of my cart and I have to try not to turn the shade of a tomato while saying, "Huh, how did that get in there. Or boy isn't the hubs gonna be excited, ha ha."   What?  You don't have those moments?  Well, damn, I have a 3 year old you can borrow if you need to add some spice to your grocery experience.

 (FYI - Apparently, Trojan now makes "personal massagers" and they are sold in the feminine  hygiene aisle across from the baby food I was actually trying to buy.  You are warned.  Place your shopping cart appropriately.)

I was also just reflecting on how far the kiddos have come.  This time last year, I was genuinely concerned about Miss Chatterbox's development.  She was missing milestones, left and right, and was the screaming scourge of Wal-mart.  Seriously.  She wasthisclose to being banned.  I'm not worried.  Give it a few years.  She'll do me proud.  I recently heard that I was still on the "banned" list at a particular Safeway in Boulder.....  My poor mother, the fits I must have given her.  No wonder she's in heart failure!

Miss Chatterbox has now long since covered all those missed milestones and is now even way early on a few others.  Best of all, she no longer tantrums for hours on end.  She communicates her emotions and thoughts in an appropriate fashion.  So far, the threes have been a treat compared with the twos.  Honestly, I credit diet changes for the improvement.  I think we frequently underestimate the power of food.

Her coordination has come a long way too.  Last night at gymnastics, I was marveling at how cleanly she was performing some of the moves - in just a few months.  Pointing toes, jumping with her feet together, and even doing a preliminary cartwheel - with straight legs.  I was impressed.  But most impressive?  She also waited her turn! This. is. HUGE.  It means all the endless talks about patience and sharing are starting to make an imprint! It made me feel like I made the right decision to put her in a class setting like that, even though I wasn't sure she was ready.

The Bun, can you believe it, is 8 months old already!  She has hit that cruising stage of crawling and she's fast.  Ima have to keep my running shoes on to keep up with her!   You just blink, and she's down the hall, around the corner, and in true Horn form, into something she shouldn't be.  She's also fearless, like a few other Horns I know, pulling up and attempting to walk holding onto the edge of things.  She's got the gift of gab, just like her sister, and it won't be long before she's talking.  Right now, she says, "mum mum," when she's pissed, and looks around for me.  She just give her Daddu kisses.  The little stinker, what's that all about?  So far, she's still kept those baby blues and the curls coming in, now that her hair is starting to grow, are to die for cute.  Watch out, Boo.  We have another knockout on our hands!

A couple of night ago, I was giving The Bun a late night feeding, when she and Jellybean starting to hiccup, in sync.  It was wild.  Not to read too much into it, but I wonder if it means they will always be on the same page with each other?  That would be kinda cool.

I've always said my kids have had distinct personalities, in utero.  Miss Chatterbox was like carrying around a bag of angry kittens under my shirts trying to claw their way out. 24/7. I'm pretty sure my diaphragm and bladder still have her footprints on them.   The Bun was extremely mellow and reserved in her movements.  She's more energetic on the outside, but she is still very go with the flow.  Jellybean is a bit of a cross between the two.  She moves more than The Bun did, but only a fraction of what Miss Chatterbox did.

And Y'all wish me luck!  I'm going to brave the one last big thing I need to do - break the paci habit.  Tommorrow, I'm rounding up all the paci's, poking holes in them, and coating in lemon juice.  Then I'm going to start talking up a "big girl party day" for Miss Chatterbox.  What I think I'll do, is take her to get her paci put into a build a bear (so she can still "have" it)  then have cake and ice cream at a park.   Cross your fingers for me.  This is plan Y and I really, really don't want to go the cold turkey screaming no sleep route.

I've also finally figured out this egg free cooking thing and successfully made a few tasty things.  Except, meatloaf.  That shit sucks without eggs.  If you know of an egg free version let me know.  The Firefighter has been lamenting how dull a life without meatloaf is.  He's a wierdo, but I love him.

Anywho, sorry for the weekly catch up.  I'll bring the funny next time.

Wishing y'all a happy weekend!


  1. Isn't amazing to see these bundles become real live people!

    1. Absolutely!! Very entertaining too!

      My grammar is rather interesting this morning isn't it. Guess I shouldn't leave proofreading for while I'm doing other things. My bad.

  2. I often wonder how a lot of rich people got rich, because some of them are sooo stupid, it's crazy.

    LOL @ the Trojans :)
    BTW, did you get at least one them to try out? loo, I'm going to. Heard something about "twisting"?

    Good to hear Little Lady is doing better. I suspect you're right about the food stuffs.

    I have a good meatloaf recipe, but not eggless. J made it at work one day and forgot the egg and said it wasn't as good. Have you tried it using the liquid egg substitute, like egg beaters?