Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Heat and Hormones Don't Mix

In case you haven't noticed.  It's HOT, Y'all!  Like burn your preggo belly, enough to leave a mark, on the steering wheel getting your fat ass into your tiny excuse for a hoopdy, hot.

Heat and hormones.  They just don't mix.  Kinda like sand and your buttcrack.  Or nesting and Pinterest.

And I've been a raging, hormonal, don'tfwithme, psycho extraordinnaire.  I've not been fit for human consumption.  My apologies to those who have been stuck in my presence.  Particularly, The Firefighter, who has managed to stoically hold his annoyance in check, and not to rage back at me.  All the while assuring me that this shade of yellow for the kids room is indeed much better, happier, and healthier than the previous two when I sobbed like a lunatic over paint chips in the middle of Lowes.

The boy loves me.

And oh yes, Folks, I'm nesting.   Like a bluejay in April.

Once upon a time, I used to pour over decorating magazines, and agonize over paint chips and decor choices.   I would have called my style back then, beachy/nautical shabby chic.

Now?  After two kids, I simply call it shabby.  Nothing chic about replicating a Babies R Us in your living room.  Doesn't mean I'm not still striving for a home that doesn't embarrass the crap out of me.  One where I don't have to hope I can hide the mess behind the door and my big ol' pregnant ass when a neighbor comes ringing the bell.

While decor is some of what I'm worried about, mostly it's organization.  I have to be organized or everything will fall apart.  I've been creating "play stations,"writing preschool curriculum for Miss Chatterbox, as well as collecting up the things I need for that, cleaning out and organizing.

But my kids can mess up a room faster than a copperhead can bite ya.  (Did I mention that I had one on my back deck the other day?  Yep, I screamed like the predictable first chick from a slasher movie getting wacked, and started throwing tools at it.  Note - throwing a hammer at it, isn't really all that effective.  Just pisses the snake off - but- not as much as spraying it with lysol does.  I would know. And, yes, The Firefighter slept through the whole thing.)

So my first step has been to reteach Miss Chatterbox How To Clean Up.  I implemented a new system as a variation of one I saw on Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/pin/14566398765248097/).

PS - Anybody know if this is the proper way to credit an idea found on Pinterest?  Bueller, Bueller, Bueller....

I present to you...Clutter Jail.

Basic Idea - Don't pick it up, you don't get it back until the next day. (The original Pinterest idea had the child performing a chore of mom's choice, but as my kids don't read yet... I did a time frame instead.)  PURE GENIUS.  I combined this with the only one toy at a time rule.

Seriously, peeps,  you'd have thought I was starving them.  Or beating them with medieval chains.  Or water boarding them and pulling out toenails in a damp, dingy cave in Pakistan.  I may or may not have considered running away.

This is the door that Miss Chatterbox literally kicked off of it's hinges.  Can you send a 3 yo to anger management?  Kid's got ninja moves.
But no.  Just trying to teach them to pick up after themselves.

The last three days have been that kind of toddler hell that only other mothers understand.  I was ready to throw in the towel if today was going to be another repeat.


My living room...in one piece...ALL.DAY.LONG.TODAY!  Holy macaroni, Batman, it worked!

The decor is the product of unrestrained nesting.  

The kids bathroom...in one piece.  No unwound toilet paper or toilet water on the floor to step in.  No soap on the toilet seat or toothpaste on the wall.

Sorry for the dark pic...But it really is kinda cute.  Yellow walls with polka dots and princesses.  

The kids room...in one piece.  Unfinished nesting here...IE- I still need to finish painting and put up the princess decals/pictures, but still.  It's a miracle I tell you!

Biggest kitchen I've ever had.  Love it. 

But while I was busy dealing with this mess  (In my defense...this was after cooking two weeks worth of meals and prepping 5 baby day freezer meals).

Like the old school mac?  The Firefighter won't let me get rid of the thing.  

The children did this.  Believe it or not, that bed was made before it turned into a trampoline then used to catapult all my clean laundry off of.  Now most of my laundry is on the floor...mixed with the dirty piles I was in the process of washing.  I'm also not gonna show you where they used my toilet as a target for for flinging and flushing Cheerios and Q-tips.

Sigh.  It's always something isn't it?

Happy Fourth People.  Try to stay cool!


  1. So it really works? Hmmmmmm, wheels turning...Love it! Hang in there girlie, the end is in sight! <3

  2. Looking good! And thank goodness for Pinterest huh.
    Love the girls' pokadot and ribbon curtains.
    Did you paint that branch/owl/etc on the bathroom wall?

    1. Yes, ma'am!! No, I wish I had that kind of talent!! That is a peel and stick decal I bought on clearance at Target for $4.99! The princess decals that aren't up yet, I found at Target too, but paid $10 for them. I couldn't resist - too precious. The curtains (Which are adorable aren't they!?) I found at Lowes on clearance for $3.00 a panel!! Fantastic deals and I really hit the jackpot with the "banana cream" yellow mis mix for $2 at Lowes as well!

      I have another Pinterest thing I'm working on for the bathroom, a canvas to go over the toilet, that says Brush, Flush, Hang, Wash (copy of something I saw on Etsy) doing the sticker letter and spray paint method...but I haven't the sticker letters in size I want for an amount I'm willing to pay yet.

      The kids table and chairs are put together...but I'm out of money to finish. I want to chalkboard paint the top with a green flower border, and green legs to complement the kid chairs (trash day find) that Auburn asked to be pink and purple.

      I also refinished an old bookcase as a new toy cabinet, but I'm unhappy with it...but lack of funds are keeping me from being able to antique it to blend in better with my other furniture and maybe paint a chevron pattern on the back or breadboard backing instead. I also need to get new "pretty" storage containers. I just haven't had the time to go out and look at dollar tree for something I can spray paint or cover with fabric...let alone the energy and money! LOL. keeping busy I guess.

  3. LOL, well you did a good job peeling and sticking it. I would have gotten it all cock-eyed or up-side-down probably.

    You got some excellent deals on those curtains and paint.
    I can never find any good mis-mix paint. My Mom and Dad gets nice, light colors, like barely there blue. All I ever find is dried blood red, rotted pumpkin, primer grey.

    I just saw a cute one on Pinterest that went like Wash, Brush, Flush, Turn off the light, We (or I?) love you, Goodnight.

    You know it might take a little more effort but I think you could probably make your own sticker letters. Like print out the letters you want in the size/font you want and maybe cover them with clear packaging or scotch tape, which ever you have, to make them sturdier (or print on heavier paper like card stock...or do you have any old Christmas or greeting cards you could sacrifice?) and cut them out. Then use them as a stencil to trace on....contact/shelf paper.
    Voila, sticker letters.

  4. Alright, thanks for being my guinea pig, LOL!

    I've seen the clutter jail thing on Pinterest before, but haven't known anyone who's tried it, and - like you - FireGirl doesn't quite read yet, so... what to do. Your solution is perfect! Might just be implementing this in our house soon. Might make one for the grown up stuff too, LOL.

    Ditto for the decals. I actually gave in and bought some (yes, at Target) for FireGirl's room at her prompting (ie. begging), but have been scared to put them up for fear they'd be all askew & hard to take off. Maybe we'll put them up this weekend. Her room needs a good cleaning / re-organization anyway.

    Thanks for sharing! And hope your preggo self finds a way to stay cool!