Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jesus is at the Station

Sometimes, I wonder how much my children really understand about The Firefighter's job.  Of course they've see the shiny trucks, and the gear, but do they really get it?  I've never been sure until the other day.

Now, I'm not a fan of surprise knocks on the door.  Miss Chatterbox, on the other hand, never meets a stranger.

So when we had a surprise knock on the door a few days ago, Miss Chatterbox ran to it and yanked it wide open, before I could holler at her not to.  Nevermind that we were all in a PJs still at 12pm.  Ahem.

It was a God Squad member of an unidentified branch.   Before I got all the way to the door, the following conversation had already started to unfold.

GodSquad- Have you found Jesus?

MissChatterbox- Why?  Did you lose him?

Me: *laughcoughsnickersnortlaughcough

GS- Do you know who Jesus is?  He saves people.

MC-OH!  You at the wrong place, silly.  He's at the fire station with all the other fireman who save people.

Out of the mouths of babes.

And here is a giraffe.  Because Miss Chatterbox deems it absolutely necessary.

Disclaimer - No religious disrespect is meant by this post.  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I favorite part of the day with my kids, is evening.  I love snuggling with the sweetly smelling, freshly bathed and relaxed version of them.  I love telling them silly bedtime stories and singing the same calming songs my mom sang to me.  Then covering them up and kissing their heads and turning on dream machines.

It's like a Rockwell picture, People.  Pure and sweet.

Now, it doesn't always go this way.  Some days are more, "Go the Fuck to Sleep,"  than  "Goodnight, Moon".

But yesterday was a picture perfect day.

After checking on them a couple hours later, I go and get ready for bed myself, still basking in the glow of how absofreakinlutely adorable my spawn are.

And as I'm laying down on my side, I slowly stretch out my arm under my pillow........

 and it runs right smack dab into an ENORMOUS pile of wet spaghetti.


I guess picture perfect isn't our style!

Happy Hump Day, my lovelies!!