Friday, September 27, 2013

The FireWife Life

While I write mostly about my experiences as a mom here, a big part of my identity is being a firewife.  Which sometimes can be rather lonely.  Not anymore! Courtesy of Facebook, I've virtually met an entire community of women, from all over the world, who are fire wives, just like me!  They are the sisters I never had.  They totally get it. We even have virtual drinking parties.  How much more awesome does it get?!

The Firefighter and our babies


As if I wasn't busy enough, I've recently taken on being an intern for the lovely Val of and I'm being featured under Meet the Firewife and the newest weekly feature The Kitchen Table, were we will discuss various issues that affect us in the fire service. 

So come pour a drink, pull up a chair and stay awhile!


  1. And of course all of this is going to make your blog more productive as well for your readers! :)