Friday, October 11, 2013

003 Agent Mom

My children have a thing for utensils. It's driving me crazy!  They are worse than a tiny army of leprechauns with a spoon fetish on St. Patty's Eve.  For realz, Y'all.  If I invite you over for soup...bring your own spoons.

Now, I encourage my rascals to think outside the box.  Which is all great and fun until it's time to flip a grilled cheese and no spatulas are to be found.  I'm sure I no longer have fingerprints on my index finger and thumb.  Does that qualify me to become a spy? 

 I can see it now, OO3-Agent Mom reporting for duty!

My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to find the missing kitchen utensils. 

Three possible suspects are Miss Chatterbox, The Bun, and Jellybean wanted for crimes against cooking.  Last seen in Charleston, SC.  It is unknown whether they are working together or individually.

We look so innocent!

The evidence acquired thus far. 

1. Miss Chatterbox has been caught on film with one of the missing and repeatedly visiting the scene of the crime. 
Exhibit A ( I like how it's tucked in)

2. Jellybean has been pictured eschewing all use of silverware and is vertically challenged.  Most likely to be employed as lookout. 
Exhibit B. (Silverware is for suckers.)

3.  The Bun has been seen scaling great heights with no fear.  Unlike Miss Chatterbox, she is sneaky and unlikely to be pictured with one of the missing. 
Exhibit C. Part Monkey

I will use whatever technology necessary to RECOVER those utensils!


Spying and motherhood are a basically the same thing, right?  

Happy Friday, Ya'll!