Monday, December 2, 2013

Real Men Watch Soap Operas...or So He Says

The Firefighter and I cut the cord on cable about 4 years ago and never looked back.  We aren't big TV people.  We watch, maybe, 4 hours a week, combined.  And that's being generous.

Don't get me wrong.  We aren't anti-TV.  In fact, there is nothing better than a mind numbing action flick when I need to find some zoned out zen after a tough day in the toddler potty training trenches.  Nothing removes the poo stench from my brain like killing some zombies.  You know what I mean?

Now, The Firefighter and I have similar tastes in TV and movies.  My particular favs this season are Sleepy Hollow and the Blacklist.  I LOVE James Spader.  I particularly like that I can't predict his next move, and OMG, wouldn't it be exciting to have a criminal mastermind for a daddy, that I don't know is my daddy, who fast tracks my career and let's me travel the world in his personal jet?  No? Okay, maybe not for realz, but you get my drift.

While The Firefighter likes Blacklist, he's not as crazy about it as I am.  Instead, he has discovered
McLeod's Daughters.

I would not expect you to be familiar with this show.  Why not?  Think Days of our Lives, but on an Australian Ranch in the outback and that ranch is run by a bunch of catty women.

That's right.  Mister Macho Run Into Burning Building On the Regular has become seriously infatuated with an Australian daytime soap opera.   Like watch at least one episode a night kind of obsessed.

Seriously.  I shit you not.  Mah Boo, who made me sit though The Hangover, Balls of Steel, and Pacific Rim is in LOVE with this show.

I hate it.  It's STOOPID. I can't stand catty bitches in real life, I'm certainly not going to go out of my way to watch them on TV.

Want to know the worst part?  This show ran for 9 seasons.  9!!  And the Aussies don't mess around, y'all.  There are 30, 55 minute episodes PER season.   So basically, I'm stuck watching this ridiculousness for at least 11 months.  

Sigh.  Good thing he's cute.

Happy Monday, y'all!



  1. LOL! My hubby would always sit down to watch Army Wives with me. He'd sayyy he wasn't interested, but, he watched it. ...and if I watched one without him he'd ask a million questions about what happened... but, no, he wasn't interested... ;)

  2. LOL, that's hilarious! My Dad watches Days of Our Lives. Which is what I think my FF would be better off watching, because all these outdoor adventure/survival shows he watches, he wouldn't last a night in the wilderness without food or his smartphone, ha!

    I'm going to have look up the Blacklist. Sounds interesting. I'd totally love having a criminal mastermind for a Daddy, fast tracking my career and letting me travel the world in his personal jet, lol.

  3. The Firefighter and I cut the cord on cable about 4 years ago and never looked back. We aren't big TV people. We watch, maybe, 4 hours a ...