Monday, October 13, 2014

Birthday Parties and Princesses

Miss Chatterbox has an obsession.  Her Birthday.

Which she has mentioned every single day, multiple times a day, in the 199 days since her last birthday.

She has planned it, made lists, made invitations,  and wrapped presents to give to herself and her guests.  And like the little princess she is, she has magnanimously invited every individual she has encountered over the last 199 days, with a gracious curtsey and proper grammar.

I am in awe of her steadfast, single minded determination to party like it's 1999.

But, y'all, I'm partied the heck out and it has nothing to do with the extracurricular activities of my twenties, youknowwhatI'msaying?

You see, I recently hit a Pinterestastic home run with The Bun's 3rd birthday party.  Which is saying something since I'm about as crafty this keyboard I'm typing on.  However, I recently had the pleasure of discovering how crafty The Firefighter is.  How he hid this delightful little tidbit from me for 12 years, I'm not quite sure.    He, however, was a little less pleased to discover the whole of Pinterest as his honey do list.  Or it could have been my off key rendition of the Pinky and the Brain theme song, I'm not really sure.

I'd smack dat a$$!
What is it with dudes and holey undies?  I mean, he acts horrified, like I'm drowning puppies or something, when I try to throw them out?!  Why is that such a man thing?  

Holey boxers aside, the sight of that hardworking man and I start hearing Guinuwine.  Mmmmmm Mmm Mmm,  no one should be surprised we have so many kids.  What was I talking about again?  

Oh right.  Parties. 

Holy Jeebus, the birthday monster I created!  Luckily for me, she wants almost exactly the same birthday party as her sister (score!),  though she would like to arrive on a glittered elephant named Sunny, real castles that are jumpy and more balloons.  There can never be enough balloons for Miss Chatterbox.   No basic bityches here, y'all.

So if I don't emerge from my bloggy slumber until this time next year,  you'll know why!

Happy Monday!