Friday, April 3, 2015

Walk Your Own Path

I sometimes worry about my posts making it look like I'm a horribly permissive parent. Ok, I don't lose any sleep over the thought, but just to be clear, I'm not.  We have rules and structure and punishments and rewards, just like any millions of other homes, with good parents, who are doing the best they can.   Some days look like a Pinteresty wet dream.  Other days go so badly, that I say f**k it, and let them watch the entire season 2 of Bubble Guppies, on repeat, in an attempt to keep my patience and sanity.

What complicates the issue is that 2 of my kids have sensory processing disorder and all 3 have speech issues. My world is full of homeschooling, running to speech and occupational therapy appointments, bringing them to ballet class and horseback riding lessons -which deal with their low core tone, and tactile and balance issues, balancing their sensory diet to make sure their sensory needs are met and trying to avoid meltdowns.

I stressed endlessly after their diagnoses.  Scoured the internet for hours upon hours intoxicated by my need for information. Read every book on the subject I could find.  Educated myself on sensory diets and pinned endless numbers of sensory activities and bins. Made myself sick with worry over it.

But sometime in this process, I took a chill pill, and a long and hard look at myself and The Firefighter. It dawned on me, that many of these quirks, that are labeled in our kids, we exhibit ourselves. They just got a double whammy of them through genetics. I thought back to my childhood and realized I could remember feeling many of the same impulses that our kids do.  If the sensory label had been around when we were kids, we probably would have been labeled too.

But we learned to deal with the feelings and we grew up to become normal (relatively), functioning, and productive members of society.  Aren't we all a little crazy on the inside?? So I threw the labels out the window and we are simply just the Horn Family. This is just how we roll.

With that shift in focus, the impulses( that were ruling the roost) became my muse, the source of all my funny stories, and my joy in life! No limits.


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